It’s taken me a while, but I have finally confirmed a booking with the venue I had in mind for Boring 2010. I actually viewed quite a few places to try to find somewhere, some were community centres, some were hotels, some were dedicated conference centres, but finally I made my decision and have booked the Dominion Theatre:

OK, it’s actually the studio theatre at the Dominion rather than the main auditorium (the auditorium holds 2,163 people. I am not expecting to sell that many tickets).

I quite like the idea of having a Boring conference directly above We Will Rock You, a satirical musical written by Ben Elton and based on the music of Queen. According to Wikipedia, We Will Rock You is set in a dystopian future “where originality and individualism are shunned”. Over four and a half million tickets have been sold during the show’s London run, around six hundred thousand every year. And yet, we will be upstairs; a handful of people talking about dust and sneezes and how to arrange a collection of ties. Who is the more original and individual now, Ben Elton? Where is your satire now?

We are better than Ben Elton. Although he is richer and more successful, so it is a hollow victory.

Here are some things people have said about We Will Rock You but won’t be saying about Boring 2010:

It’s a perfect location and incredibly easy to find. Just come out of Tottenham Court Road tube station and look for the giant golden statue of Freddie Mercury. Actually, I might ask if on the day of Boring, they could swap the giant golden statue of Freddie Mercury for a giant golden statue of me. It’s about time someone built a giant golden statue of me, and if I have to be the person to do it, then so be it.

The Studio at the Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road

Saturday 11th December 2010.

Tickets on sale soon.



  1. I don’t know which would be more difficult to explain – people thinking I’m going to see We Will Rock You or people knowing I’m actually going to Boring 2010.

  2. This is amazing.


  3. “We are better than Ben Elton. Although he is richer and more successful, so it is a hollow victory.”

    On the third hand he is horribly bitter and resentful about everything, so it’s a concave defeat.

  4. When are these “tickets” going to be “on sale”?

  5. I like the Dominion a lot, but secretly I was hoping it would be staged at the Picadilliy Theatre. It’s one of my favourite venues, and home to my favourite musical: Ghost. But i’m sure the Dominion people will do a great job nonetheless.

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