The first batch of tickets for Boring 2010 go on sale TODAY at 1pm.

The tickets will be released in batches, because obviously there is so much excitement about the conference that it is important that everyone gets the opportunity to buy a ticket. I imagine it will be similar to when Take That announced ticket sales for their new tour.

Some information about the tickets

  • The first fifty tickets will be £10 each, tickets will be £15 thereafter. So if you delay, it’s your own fault.
  • If you are talking at Boring, you don’t need to buy a ticket (obviously).
  • Also, people talking at Boring get a free +1.

Tickets go on sale here:


8 Responses to “TICKETS”

  1. By chance, I checked here for a Boring update, and discovered the first 50 tix were sold out within 15 mins! I’d emailed last week, and requested site updates, but didn’t get a response to either. Is there any way to ensure I know when more tickets will be going on sale? can you please add an update to say when more tickets will be put on sale? Thanks!

    • Hi, sorry – I didn’t expect the first batch to sell out so quickly. To be clear, the first batch was only 25 of the 50 initial “early bird tickets”. The next batch of 25 tickets will go on sale at 3pm on Sunday.

  2. I bought some tickets and was very excited at the prospect of being bored at the weekend. Only to then find that some ‘friends’ have arranged for me to spend the day with my family at Sadlers Wells watching men in tights instead, now this can be classed as infinitely more boring and must therefore take precedence – so I cannot make the conference. In case you guys sell out, I have two tickets going spare 😦

  3. Hi Jo, I’d happily take those tickets from you – missed the boat on early sales. Please email me on if you still have them available – that’d be great. Cheers

  4. argh… anyone want them?


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