Oh my, there’s not long to go now. It’s THIS SATURDAY. I’m getting nervous. It’ll be a disaster. No, it will be fine. Fine. A triumph even. Let’s not go that far. “Fine” will do. OK, even. As long as no-one dies, I’ll be happy. I don’t think anyone will die. It’ll be OK. If not, then I apologise in advance.

Here are some details about the day.

DOORS OPEN AT 10.30am and the conference itself will start at 11am. Try to be on time, please. There’s a lot to get through.

PLEASE PRINT OUT YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL AND BRING IT WITH YOU ON SATURDAY. That way, we can tick you off on the big list of attendees I’ll probably forget to print out.

There will be three sessions; 11am – 1pm, 2pm – 3.30pm and 4pm – 5.30pm.

There will be a break for lunch between 1pm and 2pm. You could go to the new Pret a Manger which has just opened on New Oxford Street, or maybe to the Burger King just across the road. Or anywhere. It’s up to you. There’s a pub nearby which sells something called a “Breakfast Pie”, which is a full English breakfast in a pie. I’ve never eaten it. The thought fills me with fear.

There will also be a break at 3.30pm for half an hour. This will be a chance to stretch your legs and maybe get a coffee from Starbucks or Costa or somewhere like that.

We should hopefully finish at about 5.30pm, although it will probably be closer to 6pm. You can do what you want after that. Just get on with your own lives. You’re not my responsibility now. I’ll be going to a pub for a pint, probably the Royal George on Charing Cross Road, but I’m not sure yet. You can come with me if you want. That’ll be nice.


3 Comments to “BORING DETAILS”

  1. Wish I was going James, alas I am working.
    Good luck sir!

  2. i love, love, love the last one!!!

  3. dear sir am sandeep karkera 24y working engine reboring

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