A massive thank you to all of the speakers and to everyone who came along on Saturday. People seem to have enjoyed it and I think there’s enough demand for me to consider doing it again next year.

The speakers were all fantastic, thank you all so much.

Mark Hadfield
Geoff Lloyd
Jake Eliot
Ed Ross
Lee Rourke
Lewis Dryburgh
Naomi Alderman
Owen Billinghurst
William Barrett
Holly Gramazio
Greg Stekelman
Dave Joyner
Rhodri Marsden
Peter Fletcher
Robin Ince
Aris Tzontos
Charlotte Young
Joe Moran
Dave Green
Martin White


7 Comments to “BORING THANKS”

  1. Thank you, James. Thank you.

  2. Where can we see the pics that were taken?

  3. Many thanks and all that to you, Mr Ward. All the hard work was worth it. You should definitely do the same next year.

  4. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make it; struck down by flu at the worst possible time 😦 It sounds amazing, I’ll definitely definitely make it next year

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